8051 Compiler

Proven Raisonance compiler technology for a complete range of 8051 microcontrollers

The Raisonance technology at the heart of our RC-51 C compiler ensures a thoroughly refined, proven tool that delivers the best results for 8051 applications, exceptional ease-of-use across a complete toolchain and efficient, direct support from Raisonance.

RC-51 offers a complete range of features tailored to the 8051 architecture for optimal compiler results. Features include:

  • Full range of optimizations for code size or speed of execution (Jump and switch optimization, loop rotation, elimination of common sub-expressions and unused code, ...)
  • ANSI standard C language with expanded 8051 specific keywords
  • Full range base types for integers (8-bit signed/unsigned char, 16-bit signed/unsigned int, 32-bit signed/unsigned long) and reals (float IEEE754 single precision, BCD float 32, 48, 56-bit words)
  • 5 Memory models and two ROM models
  • Generic and space qualified pointer types
  • ANSI standard libraries written in Assembler language
  • Parameter passing with/without register use and pseudo static segment use

Toolset integration and careful compiler testing ensure compiler ease-of-use and reliability.  Seamless integration in Ride facilitates access to the compiler as you write and debug application code. Use of Raisonance CodeCompressor technology can further improve code size with post-link code optimization across the entire application. The combination of regularly updated test suites for anti-regression and ANSI conformity, and regular benchmarking ensure the quality and evolution of all Raisonance compilers.

This Raisonance software is compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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