Upgrade Hobby to RKitL51 License

Upgrade Hobby to RKitL51 License

Software license upgrade for serial keys to Lite software features

Order : Hobby-Upgrade-RKitL51-S

359 €
* To order more than 4 of any single product, please contact sales.

The Hobby Upgrade to RKitL51 license allows users to benefit from Lite 8051 software toolset features.

For an overview of features, go to the RKit-51-Lite / RCA51 / RKit-51-Enterprise feature comparison.

Ordering notes:

To order the license upgrade, you must provide a valid serial key for the Raisonance 8051 toolset with your order.

Serial key licenses are node locked (single PC) licenses. For license portability, contact us for pricing for an additional USB dongle.

Associated Software Licenses

Unlimited C compiler toolset, real-time kernel, plus ROM monitor, multiprocessor simulation and CodeCompressor for 8051
Node locked license by software serial key
Cost-effective C compiler toolset, real-time kernel and simulator for 8051, 8052 with USB Dongle-based license
Hardware orders shipped 3 working days after confirmation of payment.

Associated Support Extensions & License Upgrades

Extends use support contract for access to software updates and direct support for one additional year.
Include product serial key in remarks when ordering

Associated Hardware Accessories

When ordering Raisonance software toolsets, specify this option in order to receive the ordered software installation on a CD in a protective casing.
Hardware orders shipped 3 working days after confirmation of payment.