RKit ARM Enterprise - Special Offer

Save over 50% on unlimited software tool set for ARM core-based microcontrollers, with C/C++ compiler, a range of advanced project management and debugging / programming features

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349 €
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RKit ARM Enterprise - Special Offer

The RKit ARM Enterprise software toolset with Ride7 integrated development environment provides a complete solution for compiling and debugging your applications for a wide variety of ARM Cortex-M, ARM966E and ARM7TDMI core-based microcontrollers.

Tools drive a complete range of hardware platforms for ARM and STM32 including:

  • ST-Link
  • Discovery & Nucleo kits based on ST-Link V2
  • ST-EVAL boards based on ST-Link V2
  • EvoPrimer
  • RLink
  • Open4 Primer
  • REva starter kits

The RKit-ARM Enterprise is the software installation that defines device and compiler support to Ride7. It includes the following capabilities:

  • Unlimited code compilation with included C/C++ compiler toolchain
  • Generic compiler interface for integrated support of 3rd-party C toolchains
  • Programming, debugging support for specific ARM core-based MCUs
  • Project manager with enhanced productivity features 
  • Advanced code editor
  • SIMICE simulator for ARM core-based MCUs
  • Script-based automation of common tasks (C, C++, JScript)
  • Integrated control of version management tools (SVN, CVS)
  • Integrated control of code verfication tools
  • Run control and debugging views

Users also benefit form renewable 1-year direct support contract and software updates to include support of new microcontroller variants.

Ordering Notes

  • Software serial key license - node locked
  • Offer valid until 31 December 2017.