RLink Professional for PowerPC

RLink Professional for PowerPC

Versatile, unlimited debugger and programmer 32-bit, PowerPC core-based microcontrollers

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RLink Professional for PowerPC provides unlimited debuggin of applicaitons and Flash programming for STMicroelectronics' SCP56xx family of 32-bit automotive grade microcontrollers.

It connects to target microcontrollers mounted on an application or evaluation board via a 14-pin adapter implementing a JTAG standard connection for PowerPC core-based devices. Additional supported connections include 20-pin JTAG, SWD, SWIM and 10-pin ICC.

The RLink is delivered with RKit-PPC Lite software tool sets which includes device support and enables debugging and programming features of Ride7 and RFlasher. RLink Professional for PowerPC offers unlimited programming of SPC56xx devices while driven by either the free RFlasher7 programming software or the Ride7 integrated development environment.

It also provides unlimited debugging applications as they run on the target SPC56xx microcontroller via the same connection, and while driven from the Ride7 integrated development environment. In addition to the rich range of standard debugging displays and controls offered by Ride7, this powerful easy-to-use integrated development environment also offers PowerPC users:

  • "Generic" compiler interface for inttegration of third-party C tool chains
  • Loading of pre-compiled  projects
  • Support of debug with chained devices

Associated Debugger - Programmer

Programmer and code size limited debugger for 32-bit, PowerPC core-based microcontrollers
Includes RKit-PPC Lite code size limited software license.
Software compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Associated Support Extensions & License Upgrades

Software license allowing upgrade of RLink PPC standard versions for unlimited debugging on target PowerPC core-based microcontrollers
Include serial number for product to be upgraded in remarks when ordering
Extends use support contract for access to software updates and direct support for one additional year.
Include product serial key in remarks when ordering
  • Getting Started with RLink
  • Raisonance Tools for SPC56xx family
  • Getting Started with RFlasher7
  • Raisonance Tools for SPC56xx family