ARM C compiler comparisons

ARM C Compiler Comparisons

The purpose of this benchmark is to evaluate the GNU C Compiler in comparison to other commonly used C compilers for ARM core-based devices. A number of ARM development tool providers base their offers on the GNU C Compiler, even though this toolset was not developed specifically for low and medium complexity embedded systems such as those that run on many ARM core-based microcontrollers.

This begs the question - is a compiler adapted to developing applications that run under complex file management systems, equally adapted to microcontroller applications? To respond to this question, this benchmark tests the GNU C compiler against other C compilers that have been developed around embedded system design to see how the GNU output measures up in terms of code size and speed of execution.

The results show that the GNU C Compiler performs very well against the other tested compilers, and in many cases it out performs its competitors. In addition, the results illustrate how the GNU function libraries (specifically printf) can constitute a handicap in embedded system design, as they are not specifically adapted to the requirements of low and medium complexity embedded systems. However, these test also show how this handicap can be overcome with relative ease with the use of simplified function libraries.

The full benchmark results are reported and explained in the application note below -  AN0052 - GCC C Compiler for ARM Benchmark.

If you have any questions concerning this benchmark, or if you would like to obtain the files used in this benchmark, please contact us.

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