The Flip8051 is an enhanced 80C51/52 microcontroller. It is 100% binary code upward compatible with the legacy 80C51/52 devices. Its pipeline architecture provides a dramatic increase in processing speed (up to 3 times), when running at the same clock frequency as a standard 80C51 real component. This additional processing power makes the Flip8051 families an excellent choice for high-speed applications, or for operation a lower clock frequencies in low-power applications.

Raisonance supports Flip8051 application development with:

  • Ride integrated development environment and RKit-51 C toolset (download)
  • "Bird" debugger based on Raisonance RLink
  • "Virtual Clone" low-cost emulator based on RLink
  • "Smart Clone" emulator based on Raisonance XSmart technology

Bird, Virtual Clone and Smart Clone are available only from Dolphin Integration.