Starchip STARBOX emulator

Develop and fine tune smart card applications with Starbox emulator and complete Raisonance software tool set

The STARBOX emulation system, tailored to the latest requirements of Smart Card developers, provides advanced features for debugging and fine tuning applications for smart card ICs including next generation contactless devices. It includes advanced device emulation technology, integrated development environment and the latest version of the industry standard GNU tool chain with optimized C libraries.

Hardware features are implemented on the latest generation Raisonance XSmart prototyping platform, which facilitates System-on-Chip (SoC) design and shortens time to market for complex emulation systems. Project management, coding, compiling and debugging controls are seamlessly integrated into Ride7.

What's New

Starchip Chooses Raisonance Tools for Cortus-APS3 Based Devices

Starchip Chooses Raisonance Tools for Cortus-APS3 Based Devices

31 May 2012 - Next generation STARBOX emulators for their Cortus APS3 core-based smart card ICs is based on  Raisonance XSmart and Ride software tool set.