C Compiler for ARM

Unlimited, fully optimizing C/C++ compiler tailored to STMicroelectronics' ARM and Cortex core-based microcontrollers

Raisonance products for developing applications for ARM core-based microcontrollers include a complete toolset including C compiler (based on GCC), Assembler and Linker. The C compiler toolset for ARM provides unlimited, optimized compilation of your C/C++ source files.

The compiler is seamlessly integrated into the Ride7 integrated development environment to facilitate starting projects and multiple builds/rebuilds of your application as you debug and fine-tune it. The Ride7 IDE is tailored to creating embedded applications and delivers the views you need to understand exactly whats happing while the application executes on your microcontroller.

In addition, Raisonance has optimized the compiler and libraries for improved performance that is tailored to the needs of deeply embedded applications. As a result, the compiler offers very competitive results in benchmarking with other commonly used C/C++ compilers for ARM core-based devices. More about benchmarks...

The compiler toolset is available for download as part of our RKit-ARM software installation. It is also delivered with a range of hardware products including the RLink debugger/programmer, REva starter kit and Primers for ARM core-based devices.

This Raisonance software is compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.