A complete hardware/software development tool offer for application designers working with STMicroelectronics' STR71x, STR73x and STR75x ARM7TDMI core-based microcontrollers, which combine 32-bit core performance with low power consumption  a rich peripheral set and a wide range of packages to meet the needs of a range of embedded control applications for industry, medical, sales, telecommunications and consumer domains.

The Raisonance offer builds on the proven Ride integrated development environment, the GNU C compiler and hardware tools. Software tools are combined with hardware in complete tool packages that include:

  • REva Starter Kits - complete, flexible platform for evaluating features and starting development

  • RLink - versatile in-circuit debugger/programmer covering both 8 and 32-bit families

Debugger - Programmer

Software Licenses

RKit ARM Enterprise Software License with Dongle


Software tool set for a complete range of ARM core-based microcontrollers, with dongle-based license, C/C++ compiler, 3rd party-compiler support...

Hardware orders shipped 3 working days after confirmation of payment.
Software compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Support Extensions & License Upgrades

Hardware Accessories