REva TapNLink Starter Kit

Starter kit for evaluation of the TapNLink TnL-FIW103 NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi module

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99 €
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The REva starter kit for TnL-FIW103 is a versatile, modular solution that allows you to create your own applications that are driven by the TnL-FIW103 communication module and its embedded Java Virtual Machine.

The REva provides a wide range of hardware features so that you can rapidly prototype applications for sensors, actuators and controllers. The daughter board mounted TnL-FIW103 provides:

  • An embedded JVM that executes the java code to drive your application hardware,
  • Wireless communications (NFC, BLE, WiFi) to connect your design to mobiles, or to a network and the Cloud.

The TnL-FIW103 implements easily with minimum coding and tools. All communication and security features implement by simple configuration and no code development.

The embedded JVM implements numerous features as routines to reduce the effort required to code your java application.

Developers are supported by free software tools that include:

  • IoTize Studio environment for TapNLink configuration and testing

  • Raisonance Ride7 for java code editing and debugging (Simulator, or in-circuit debugging on the TapNLink)

  • IoTize Tap Cloud server-based app generator for worry-free generation of Cordova / Ionic app projects and test apps (Android APK, iOS IPA)

  • Sample projects and java examples on