CoolRISC C816

Raisonance CoolRisc Tools

Complete hardware/software tool solution for exploring MCU features and fine-tuning your applications

Raisonance provides both software and hardware tools for 8-bit embedded RISC microcontroller cores including sub-families from EM Microelectronics and Semtech.

Software tools include the free GNU C compiler for CoolRISC and the Raisonance integrated development environment (Ride7), which provides start-to-finish control of application development including code editing, compilation, optimization and debugging.

Hardware tools include the RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer (USB/JTAG) and REva starter kits designed to help users explore and master new devices so that they can concentrate on creating applications, not on learning new tools.

Users can create a code-size limited license to use the Ride7 and the RKit-C816 from the download page here:  Download RKit-C816

  • Raisonance Tools for C816 Family