Java Toolset

Raisonance free Java tools for TapNLink JVM

Code, compile, and debug Java applications for the Duetware embedded Java Virtual Machine

To support systems designers on the IoTize Duetware-based wireless modules and accessories, Raisonance Ride7 adds a free Java debugging capability. Users benefit from all of the proven features of a professional Integrated Development Environment including:

  • Integrated Java toolset (RKit-JVM)
  • Project manager
  • Java execution & debug in simulator (on PC), or in-circuit (on TapNLink)
  • Syntax highlighting code Editor
  • Line breakpoints & breakpoint viewer
  • Code stepping
  • Context saving

Ride7 supports direct connection to TapNLink for in-circuit debugging while code is executed by the Duetware JVM. Connection to TapNLink is managed directly in Ride7 via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or an MQTT relay.

For more information about IoTize Duetware and JVM, visit

To download Ride7 and RKit-JVM, visit the Raisonance Support website