EM Microelectronics

The EM68xx is EM Microelectronic's CoolRISC™ core-based family of ultra low-power 8-bit flash microcontrollers. EM68xx devices are optimized for long life span in battery powered applications with a voltage range from 0.9V to 3.6V, combined with brownout and powercheck functions to ensure reliable operation at or near undervoltage conditions and complex operation modes.

Raisonance supports EM68xx application development with:

  • Ride integrated development environment
  • Simulator (4 Kbyte instruction limited, or unlimited)
  • Complete C compiler toolset with post-link code optimization 

In addition, users will find a range of hardware tools available only from EM Microelectronic including the RLink debugger/programmer and a starter kit based on the the REva v3. More information about EM6819 hardware tools at EM Microelectronic.


Note: users can create a code-size limited license to use the Ride7 and the RKit-C816 from the download page here:  Download RKit-C816