RKit STM8/ST7 Enterprise Software License

Fully-optimizing, unlimited C compiler tool set for STM8 and ST7 microcontrollers with Ride7

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RKit STM8/ST7 Enterprise Software License

The RKit STM8/ST7 "Enterprise" (RKitE-STM8) software tool set and Ride7 integrated development environment provide a complete, unlimited and fully optimizing solution for compiling and debugging your applications for STM8 and ST7 microcontrollers.

The RKit-STM8 is a complete compiler toolset based on Raisonance compiler technology and tools with the following capabilities:

  • RC-STM8/ST7 C compiler, unlimited
  • MA-STM8/ST7 Macro Assembler, unlimited
  • LX-STM8/ST7 Linker, unlimited
  • CodeCompressor post link code size optimization

The toolset allows debugging of applications with Ride7 using the Raisonance RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer.  

In addition, "Enterprise" tool set users benefit from a range of productivity features that include:

  • Advanced code editor
  • Script-based automation of common tasks (C, C++, JScript)
  • Integrated control of version management tools
  • Integrated control of code verfication tools

For an overview of features, go to the RKit-STM8 feature comparison for comparison of Basic, Lite and Enterprise licenses. The software tools function for 30 days in unlimited evaluation mode. Download at our support extranet.