REva STM8S Starter Kit

Complete cost-effective starter kit for STM8S105 general purpose microcontroller

Order : STM8S105-SK

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REva STM8S Starter Kit

The REva starter kit for STM8S is a complete solution for evaluating and starting application development. In addition it is a versatile, modular solution that opens the doors to evaluation of a wide range of 8-bit microcontrollers.

The REva comes with the RKit-STM8 "Basic" software license allowing unlimited code debugging with Ride7 and device programming with RFlasher, plus compilng of code up to 2 Kbytes in size with the Raisonance STM8/ST7 C compiler.

The starter kit package includes:

  • REva v3 mother board with a complete range of evaluation features.

  • STM8S105 daughterboard with target microcontroller & additional evaluation features

  • Embedded RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer

  • Complete software toolset to compile, debug and program applications

  • Sample programs to help users get their own application started quickly and easily