Software Packages for ARM

Software Toolset Features for ARM

This page provides an overview of the features and policies associated with Raisonance RKit Lite and Enterprise software packages supporting ARM core-based microcontrollers.


Note: All Raisonance hardware tools include the license for the RKit-ARM Lite software toolset. Users can upgrade their software by purchasing the RKit-ARM Enterprise license here.


Lite Enterprise


License included with all hardware tools.
Order Code: RKitL-ARM

Order Code: RKitE-ARM

Debugging & Programming Hardware capabilities

Debug 64 KB application
code if Flash > 64KB

Debug 1/2 Flash size
if Flash 64 KB or less.

Unlimited programming.

Unlimited debugging, programming for all hardware.

RKit Software Tools  
Supported Microcontrollers STM, NXP, TI
ARM core-based MCUs
ARM core-based MCUs
Provided Compiler GCC compiler GCC compiler
3rd Party Compiler options None Generic interface for compiler command line integration
Output code size limit None for GCC None for GCC
Ride7 integrated development environment
Code editing Yes Yes
Project manager Yes Yes

Integrated compiler controls

Yes (for GCC) Yes (for GCC)
Generic compiler
support interface
No Yes
Simulator Yes Yes
Debug controls
(run, step, ... )
Yes Yes
Debug views Yes Yes
Debug C++ code No Yes
Script controls
(C, C++, JScript)
 No Yes
CVS version management
(Synchronized update, commit, add, delete)
No Yes
Auto C formatter No Yes
(Stendard & Hex)


Comment stripper



Unix line end converter

No Yes
Trace Support
(Device and hardware tool dependant)
SWV Trace
(hardware dependant)
(with Open4 and EvoPrimer)
Programming interface Yes
  FAQ & Doc Yes Yes
  Extranet Yes Yes
  Forum Yes Yes
  Email Yes Yes
  Phone No Yes
  Response in: 4 working days 2 working days