Raisonance STM32 Tool Support

STM32 Nucleo, Discovery

Raisonance Ride for STM32 Integrates Tools from ST & ARM-Keil

New Ride7 features facilitate use with ST hardware tools and STM32Cube

Montbonnot, France – 8 July 2014The Raisonance development tool team announced availability of its tools for STM32 application development with support of Nucleo and Discovery boards (based on ST-Link), automated project import feature for the ARM tools from Keil and the latest release of the GCC compiler toolchain for ARM.

The inclusion of support for the Nucleo and Discovery boards (ST-Link v2) makes it possible for Ride7 users to program, debug and optimize their applications using these hardware platforms, which are widely available for a full range of STM32 variants. Ride7 interfaces with the STM32 on the Discovery or Nucleo board via the standard SWD interface.

Integration of GCC 4.8.3 brings many improvements, notably to code optimization for ARM core-based microcontrollers. With this version users now benefit from Link Time Optimization (LTO) which makes it possible to optimize the applicaiton executable with a view of the entire application. A complete list of improvements and fixes is provided by gnu.org.

STM32CubeTo provide users access to a wider range of code resources for STM32, Ride7 now includes an ARM-Keil project import feature. Notably this facilitates access to the STM32CubeTM libraries, which include projects for the ARM-Keil tool chain. STM32Cube provides code libraries for peripherals on a wide range of STM32 devices and a hardware abstraction layer that facilitates development and portability of middleware and software examples that have been developed for STM32. For more information about using the STM32Cube from Ride7, refer to the application note AN00063.

To use the Ride7 environment for ARM core-based MCUs, users install both Ride7 and the RKit-ARM software. Note that Ride7 is a generic IDE. From a single installation, users can develop applications for MCUs based on many core technologies including the STM32 (ARM Cortex-Mx), STM8, SPC56x (PowerPC) to name a few.

Ride7 and RKit-ARM software can be downloaded for free at:

The software functions with unlimited features for 30 days. After the trial period, users must activate a license for their software installation.

Two Ride7 / RKit-ARM licenses are available

  • RKit-ARM Enterprise license: all compiling, programming and debugging features are available without code size limitations. Users have access to software updates and direct technical support for 1 year.
  • RKit-ARM Lite license: compiling and programming have no code-size limitation. Debugging is limited to:
    • 1/2 of Flash size for devices with 64 K of Flash or less
    • 64 K for devices with 128 K or more of Flash

Pricing for Ride7 / RKit-ARM sofware licenses starts at a very low 79.00 Euros for the debug limited "Lite" license. The "Lite" license is also included in the price of all Raisonance hardware tools (RLink, REva starter kits, EvoPrimer, EvoPrimer-LAB, Open4 primers and Open4-LAB).

The unlimited "Enterprise" license prices from 668.00 Euros and can be purchased bundled with RLink and Open4 hardware tools.


About Raisonance brand tools from IoTize SAS

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